Manufacturing Manager

Business Transactions

A comprehensive client management tool that incorporates many needs:

  • One client with multiple service addresses and even multiple buildings at that service address
  • Multiple service addresses and one billing address and multiple service addresses managed by one business but billed to multiple addresses.

Nebula-IMS has a comprehensive service asset management system where you can track the service and warranty history of any product you maintain. You can manage cyclical maintenance and pro-actively market routine servicing.

Not only can you do all that but you also manage the assets using QR codes. You can provide secure access to your clients so they can scan the QR code and see for themselves the service history, warranty etc. and help you identify the correct location of the equipment when they call you.

Invoicing is intrinsically related to Job Card and gives you unprecedented power to manage and control your business, like never before. Stock/materials, labour and equipment hire are all managed around your Job Card, which links to your invoices. Minimise the time it takes to prepare and approve invoices.

Suppliers – Track all of your suppliers. Generate and email supplier orders from the system. Import price lists and feed this information into other parts of your operation.

Stock – Multiple warehouse locations, reduce wastage and loss to improve your bottom line. Receive notifications of stock levels, so you never run out.

Sub-Contractors – Employing sub-contractors is much simpler when you have the tools to manage them.

Plant and Equipment / Vehicles – Manage Your Assets, Track Movement, Service, Test and Tag, Insurance and Registration with one simple tool. Reduce losses from missing equipment and simplify Insurance claims.

In Nebula-IMS every employee has a personal work diary where meetings, tasks, leave etc. can be recorded and tracked. Diaries that need to be linked to Scheduling are automatically synchronised.

Human Resources

My Profile is a simple tool to allow an employee’s records to be kept up to date and available for an employee to access.

Manage Employees controls the information around an employee and includes:

  • Essential employee information you need
  • Login Access Control for each employee
  • Employment Details
  • Bank Account details
  • Emergency contacts
  • Employee On-boarding Management – This is a comprehensive checklist system you can customise to your business to document and track that you have undertaken all of your obligations for correctly under the relevant employment award, The Fair Work Act and Work Health Safety Acts. We make it easy for you to meet your compliance obligations. We also have a WHS and Fair Work consultants and legal experts who can provide advice and support if required
  • Training and Qualifications are documented and tracked
  • Performance Appraisal – Manage the whole process with minimal effort
  • Recruitment – Manage the entire recruitment process.
  • Ending Employment – A process to manage employees leaving your employment.

Do you spend hours each week working out rosters and entering timesheets to pay staff?

Nebula-IMS integrates WageLoch to take the pain out of rostering and timekeeping, making payroll easy.

*Additional cost for this module.

In the rare instances that you may need to manage a disciplinary matter it is very important to document the matter for the protection of your business and the employee. If an employee has to be dismissed, you need to ensure it has been carried out within The Fair Work Act or the employee’s award. Nebula-IMS helps and guides you through this process.

If you have a workplace incident which is investigated by a Government WHS Agency, one of the first things they will want to see are your training records. Nebula-IMS manages all of this. Alerts you about upcoming expiry dates for employee training and allows an employee to access their training and qualifications if they forget to take one of their licences or tickets to a work site, eg White Card.

Tracking the meeting of Continuous Professional Development is easy with real time reporting.

Training and Qualifications can also be used to plan and track an employee’s skills as part of your career planning and promotion of staff from within your company.

Work Health Safety


Work Health Safety legislation in Australia applies to all businesses, regardless of whether you are a sole trader or a company that employs hundreds of people. If you use contractors, you have obligations to ensure they are working in a safe manner.

Many businesses have decided it is all just too hard and do nothing. This ostrich approach works until something goes wrong.

Nebula-IMS gives you the processes and structures to make compliance with your legal obligations straightforward and clear.

Nebula-IMS provides a simple tool that guides any business in Australia through the correct processes to manage incidents, from record keeping to reporting to the Safe Work body in your state, as required by the relevant legislation.

All Non-High Risk construction tasks must be done using a Site Risk Assessment.

Integrated with Job Card, a Site Risk Assessment can be done quickly and efficiently to identify any potential risks at a worksite and the controls needed to manage any risk. Compliance with WHS couldn’t be easier.

It is a legal obligation to keep a record of all your Toolbox Meetings. Nebula-IMS has a simple to use Toolbox meeting tool to record your meetings and manage actions that result from a meeting.

Email and SMS reminders are available.

Unsure if you are meeting your First Aid obligations? Nebula gives you easy access to the St John First Aid Audit Tool.

Nebula provides a powerful, totally customisable Site Safety Audit Tool to enable you to properly assess the safety of your processes, systems and facilities.

A range of safety videos are available to use in Safety meetings to use as discussion points about various aspects of WHS.

If your building was constructed prior 31 December 2003 it is a requirement to have an Asbestos Register. That’s just one more tool available in Nebula-IMS. Even better is that if someone comes to do work in your building it takes just seconds to print off a copy of the register for them.


Don’t have any policies?
Nebula-IMS has had a Work Health Safety Consultant and a Human Resources Consultant write the policies and procedures you may need to have in your business. All policies are reviewed annually by our consultants. There are approximately:

  • 22 HR policies
  • 23 WHS Policies and Procedures
  • 104 Standard Operating Procedures.

You can adapt any of them for your business if you don’t have policies and procedures.

If you have your own policies, you can simply import them into Nebula-IMS and employees can digitally sign them.

We’ve also provided a range of other documents you may need such as, The Safe Work Codes of Practice, Safe Work Fact Sheets and lists of The Emergency Hospitals in Australia.

You can also save your Certificates of Insurance, Standard Work Procedures, Equipment Manuals and Service manuals, which can be linked to a Job Card, so a technician can have immediate access to them if required.

There is a secure cloud storage area for creating your own file tree, with access control, for storing other documents.

Construction trades are required by law to have a copy of all SDS’s accessible to workers on site. If you have ten tradies in vans that means you need to keep ten folders up to date. Nebula-IMS keeps all the SDS’s you require up to date and available for you.

There is nothing for you to do except tick the SDS’s you use. Each month we identify which SDS’s are expiring and contact the manufacturer on your behalf to obtain an updated version.

Other Features

Do you forget when your vehicles registration and insurances are going to expire? Nebula-IMS tracks all of this information. Tag and Test, Equipment Maintenance, Expiry Dates on mandatory training and qualifications, eg. White Card, First Aid, High Risk Licences. All can be managed easily in Nebula-IMS.

Email or SMS reminders/alerts to staff and escalation to line management if tasks are not completed or updated.

Nebula offers three types of News:

  1. Nebula-IMS News – Updates on changes to Nebula-iMS, important changes by government that may impact on your business etc.
  2. Staff News – A tool to enable you to produce in-house newsletters for your staff, including notification of positions advertised internally.
  3. Client News – A tool to enable you to communicate with your clients.