About Us

Nebula-IMS began out of a need to update an ageing software system for a small plumbing company that was also facing increasingly onerous demands to meet the WHS requirements for a number of their clients, including government. After looking at what was available, the owner bravely decided to build his own system.

At all stages, Nebula-IMS has hired experts with real experience of the construction and maintenance industry. The experts had to be practical and down to earth in what they advised. Once their ideas were developed business people active in the industry were consulted, on every aspect of Nebula-IMS design and functionality. Programming experts were employed, who could understand the product that needed to be built. Tested first within the plumbing company, Nebula-IMS was then rolled out to a number of businesses to implement. Their feedback was vital in fine tuning the product.

Driving Nebula-IMS’s key philosophies are:

One platform seamlessly integrating with the best accounting system available

One platform that does everything for a business

Affordable for any business from a sole trader to a company employing hundreds

One click of the mouse. Every step should have the minimum amount of work involved in order to complete the task

More time with family and less time working

More time on the tools and less time in the office

Improved business efficiency leading to increased profit

Help make it easy for businesses to be compliant with WHS and employment laws whilst minimising red tape

Nebula-IMS will always continue to grow and develop based on our clients needs