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What is Nebula-IMS?

Nebula-IMS is a productivity and performance system, custom designed to multiple industry sectors to make your business easier to manage, more profitable and compliant.

Nebula-IMS is an easy way to organise and track almost every aspect of your business.

How does Nebula-IMS Help?

Nebula-IMS is a platform that you can pick and choose what you want to use. Use it as much or as little as you need.

Foodsafeplus helps business owners
Foodsafeplus helps business owners

Nebula-IMS is an easy way to organise and track almost every aspect of your business.


Data Analytics

Nebula-IMS systems help ensure that the data you need is at your fingertips. .... Learn more



Foodsafeplus is designed for the hospitality industry, including restaurants, cafes, bakeries, aged care and NDIS and is customised to each sector. .... Learn more


Salon manager

Salon manager is designed specifically for the salon industry including, skin care, body care, makeup, hair care, nail care and fragrance. One monthly fee with no hidden fees and your client and business data is private and secure. .... Learn more


Clinic Manger

Clinic manager is designed for allied health professionals such as physios, speech therapists, podiatrists etc. .... Learn more


Business Transactions

Business Transactions is the engine room of Nebula-IMS, creating efficiencies and increasing your profitability .... Learn more


Human Resource Management

A comprehensive set of tools to help you manage the most complex part of any business, managing people. .... Learn more


HR and WHS Consultants

Nebula-IMS is backed up by professional advisors who can provide advice on HR, WHS, legal and financial advice on an, as needs basis. .... Learn more



We partner with Wageloch to bring you timekeeping using a seamlessly integrated rostering tool to calculate payroll before pushing it to Xero to pay .... Learn more


Work Health Safety

The Nebula-IMS Work Health Safety Module not only helps you achieve WHS compliance. It saves you pain, time and reduces your risk .... Learn more



Nebula-IMS Documents helps you to achieve Fair Work compliance and reduces your document management costs. .... Learn more



The Nebula-IMS Marketing Tools make communicating with your clients much easier and helps you stay in touch with that most valuable asset .... Learn more



Administration gives you control of what your team can see and do in Nebula-IMS. .... Learn more


Reporting Dashboard

Data is king! Data is the difference between knowing your business strengths and weaknesses. Use the power of your data to drive your success. .... Learn more


Online Store

Need more SMS credits, need more QR Codes. Simply order online inside Nebula-IMS. .... Learn more


Nebula-IMS is in the Cloud

We’re in the Cloud not just because it is the future but because there are significant benefits to you. .... Learn more



Many businesses fear compliance, some take a head in the sand approach. Nebula-IMS's compliance tools and access to affordable professional advisors saves you time, money and angst. .... Learn more

Our Clients

“I love that my fridges and freezers can talk to me. They have saved the contents twice this year, saving me money and time.”

Angus | Barmera’s Bakery

“Using this software has made running my clinic much simpler and efficient.
Clients can book online, easing the workload. Invoices are generated with a couple of clicks, and the scheduler is personalised, allowing me to set up my days and weeks as I want.
These are just a few features used daily, but there are many more features easing the stress of managing a clinic.”

Matt | Body Matters Physio

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Monthly Food Audit Audit
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